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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alive at last!

My site now is alive...while not full of features and content, my tests are over and I now have my site "working" - I was having some problems in floating my right column, and finally figured it out. My entire site is layed out using CSS. I have used tables only where a table is needed or practical (such as a parts list). My theater page is slowing gowing in size (with picture to come soon), and my wood working page has grown as well (check out my section on electrolytic rust removal).

I am using Lunarpages to host my site - I searched and looked at various hosting companies, and found them to be the best so far (you can reach them by clicking on their logo on the right column).

I am hoping to have my contact page up by tommorow.

I am also testing out (beta) a copy of Coffee Cup Software's new item; The Shopping Cart. This application should allow almost anyone to open up their own store on the internet. The system utilizes paypal to keep things safe. More on this later...

Ken C.


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